Bruno Nicolai’s - GEMINUS. 1LP. New Sealed.

Bruno Nicolai’s - GEMINUS. 1LP. New Sealed.

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 Bruno Nicolai’s - GEMINUS. 1LP. New Sealed. The first official vinyl reissue. Housed in glossy, tip-on style jacket. Extended liner notes by film critics Francesco Cesari and Roberto Curti. Limited edition 500 copies.

Four Flies are proud and honoured to release the first vinyl reissue of Bruno Nicolai’s outstanding original score for GEMINUS, a 1969 Italian TV mini-series directed by Luciano Emmer and starring Walter Chiari, Alida Chelli, and Ira von Fürstenberg.
Originally released under Italian label Gemelli, Nicolai’s soundtrack has been remastered from the original master tapes and comes in a glossy, tip-on style jacket featuring the restored original cover artwork, as well as extended liner notes by film critics Francesco Cesari and Roberto Curti.

Bruno Nicolai composed and directed an eclectic score that brings together different music genres and influences, from 60s beat, psych, and progrock to baroque and experimental music. He did not hesitate to mix classical forms and structures with new instruments andremarkable, eccentric arrangements.
In ‘Giano’ (Janus), the interplay between a distorted electric guitar and a hypnotic harpsichord creates a strange, somewhat troubling ambience.
The delicate, celestial voice of Edda Dell’Orso leaves its unique emotional imprint on the most lyricalpiece in the soundtrack, ‘Tema Barocco’ (Baroque Theme).
The main theme ‘Il cielo cade’ (The Sky Is Falling) features a luxurious arrangement and stunning orchestration enhanced by enchanting vocal harmonies sung by ‘I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni’.
In other pieces, such as ‘Larve’ (Larvas), ‘Il sognatore’ (The Dreamer), ‘Eclisse di luna’ (Moon Eclipse), ‘Visioni’ (Visions), ‘Catacombe’ (Catacombs), and ‘Notti romane’ (Roman Nights), expressive and experimental solo passages played by instruments such as the vibraphone, sitar, harmonica, or percussions, contribute to the sombre, mysterious atmosphere of the score as a whole.
Limited edition, 500 copies worldwide.

A1 – Giano
A2 – Tema barocco
A3 – Teoreama
A4 – Larve
A5 – Il sognatore
A6 – Eclisse
A7 – Il cielo di luna
A8 – Il cielo cade
A9 – Visioni
B1 – Catacombe
B2 – Notti romane
B3 – Teorema (Vocal)
B4 – Tema barocco
B5 – Sogno
B6 – Fuochi fatui
B7 – Avventure notturne